Adulting ( and delayed writing)

Oh wow, have I been absent! I am so sorry about that..or am I? Do I have any followers? Anyways, I have been busy socializing and not working on my marriage, kind of hard to do when the other person makes you feel bad all the time. Now my school revoked my financial aid because my GPA dropped so hard last semester. Ugh, I love being an adult, I love doing adult things, my husband is constantly bringing me down. I feel awful saying that, I do love him, but I am not an immature person. I do not like drama, I don’t like tantrums just because someone opened a door wrong ( like really?)

I have worked hard to improve how people see me and how I see myself. It isn’t always on me to brighten someones day, why can’t someone brighten my day? I love making people smile, but who makes me smile? I am so glad we go back to the states in a couple weeks. I will write more tomorrow.

I have beautiful pictures of Elba Island! I will post them tomorrow!



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