Days Go By…

I haven’t really had a blog to myself in awhile. Not one where I come to simply get my feelings out or post about things I like. Platforms like Tumblr have changed and it is not somewhere I feel anyone listens. I am not sure if this will be much different. Anyways, my life has changed in so many ways this past year, some good, some bad. I tried to take it all as a learning experience, but I feel as if I am still failing at something. The college has been a horror show, but I am hoping to finally get it together next semester. I got accepted into my dream school and failed all but one class. My mind is a complete disaster, after this summer I am hoping to feel better. My life IS becoming better, just trying to keep the faith alive.

I am flying off on my first adventure of the summer this Monday. I am returning to Italy, with my husband. We will be embarking on a new way of life soon a better one. We vowed to be better than we have been and I am hoping we can accomplish that. Neither one of us deserves to be unhappy anymore. Everyone should remember your mental health is important and never forget that, even if those around you do.

So I guess this is my first blog post. And hello, call me Ash. I hope you come to find my writing and like it. I love to write and I am always trying to be better, even if I never have actually written anything worth reading.




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